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Griha Mithra Investments

The dictionary terms the world 'investment' as the outlay of money usually for income or profit. The thought process engrosses with options the moment one makes a conscious decision to invest his hard earned money. Economic factors, global slowdown and fencing the potential returns have cautioned and confused investors in choosing the right province and in turn have opened up opportunities for investment in foreign countries. The emerging Indian economy has catapulted its position to the top 3 countries to invest in globally. While asset classes like equity and debt have proven to provide stable returns on investment, the real estate domain in India has historically given superior returns.

Though the real estate market has globally witnessed a steady decline and shown a vacillating pattern, the market in India is flourishing and is all set to scale new heights with fresh localities emerging in each of India's top tier and tier two cities. India stands 3rd in the global housing index for 2012.

The forecast for investor in residential real estate in India is in the range of 18.6% - 29% pa, and this asset class holds great promise for the next five years, and the recent report by Knight and Frank* consolidates the statement by quoting, "even at a subsided rate of 12% per annum the Indian IT industry is estimated to double in the next 6 years."

Why Invest in Griha Mithra?

Griha Mithra are strategically designed not only to enrich the living experiences but also to ameliorate the potential return on your investments over time.

Griha Mithra as a source of investment is a proven testament, a fact that has been endorsed by numerous Griha Mithra patrons. Several factors account for the appreciation of a property, and Griha Mithra inculcates every factor before commencing its projects.

  • Location & Appreciation
  • Amenities
  • Safety
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Expert Opinion
  • Our Happy Customers