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15 Years of Experience

To transform dreams into reality, thus creating a brand synonymous with trust, care, respect, commitment and excellence.

Kumara K REDDY along with with Dedicated Innovative Persons established Griha Mithra Constructions in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of Asia. In a short span of time, this forward-looking company has carved a niche for itself in the demanding and dynamic Real Estate Industry. Passionate about quality, we at the Griha Mithra believe in giving our customers such a kind of Living Spaces that we would like to live in ourselves. That is why a great deal of thought goes into planning every single project that we undertake, right from identifying the perfect location to the world-class amenities we offer.

At Griha Mithra, we value your time and your money. We understand that not only your home should be a refuge from the storms of life but also should give you Return On Investment(ROI). Delivery schedules are strictly adhered to, and “value-for-money”

We also take great pride in being a customer-focused organization. This “customer-first” philosophy is constantly translated into trailblazing services and innovative activities.

There are many dreams that inspire Griha Mithra. Many avenues that await exploration. Many worlds that beckon us. It promises to be a glorious journey with Griha Mithra. Travel with us and let us celebrate our milestones and achievements.



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